From Asking Mind to Inviting Heart

Cindy Reinhardt
3 min readAug 16


Woodland Cathedral of the Fae

Let’s ask the real questions, because it’s only when we get to the root of what the violence is and where it’s coming from and we focus on the root causes and begin to tackle them, will we have any hope whatsoever of beginning to get out of this mess that we are all in. Mairead Corrigan Maguire (quoted August 10 — This Nonviolent Life: Daily Inspiration for Your Nonviolent JourneyPace e Bene Nonviolence Service)

The heart space is the source of genius. To go to the heart centre is to go to the stillness that connects us all and where the information is present. The heart is the fundamental space for our evolution. The heart is the place from which our society will transcend its current difficulties. Nassim Haramein (quoted in astrologer Pam Gregory’s August Newsletter)

These two seemingly disparate quotes merged in me this week as I reflected on the first: ‘what ARE the real questions?’. My reflection wasn’t focused on the multiple crises, messes, and tragedies we humans are creating. Rather, as I thought about root causes, the question became quite personal: What of the multitude of choices I make each day contribute to those crises? Gulp.

Although the question wasn’t new, it took on a deeper meaning, a renewed sense of responsibility to look at my choices anew. ALL my choices. Curiosity emerged about how to engage with the question from that responsibility. Without guilt, without burden. Taking a breath, a corollary question rose: What choices support Life, ALL Life? Another breath, ‘invite heart’.

Open questions. Questions to live in, to make choices from. Questions that evoke the possibility of creation. Questions not to answer and be ‘done’. Questions not for mind to answer. Rather, questions for heart to work its magic, its genius, its knowing, the intelligence of the Cosmos. Inviting Heart to take center stage.

Reminding me of Einstein’s famous idea that we won’t solve problems with the same thinking that created them, Muse nudged with a thought: Mind is trained in the ways of separation. Heart knows the truth of Oneness. Hmmmm …

The tap root of the crises we face is separation. Underneath poverty, injustice, inequality, war, greed, environmental degradation, fear is separation. From Self. From Nature. From one another. From Source. All too often our choices — conscious and not — reflect just that.

In the reality of Unity — the reality in which we live, knowingly or not — every choice is a vote. My choices moment to moment, thought to thought, action to action, step by step either support Life or they don’t. I am either choosing from the fallacy of separation, or I’m choosing from the truth of our interconnectedness with ALL Life. Mind or Heart?

What choices do I make every day? Where do I put my attention? What do I consume? Purchase? Wear? What actions do I take? The list goes on. One estimate says we make 35,000 “remotely conscious” decisions daily. That’s roughly one choice every two seconds if we sleep seven hours: about 9,000 choices while writing this post. How many did I make from my heart? You? What if we upped our game?

While a giant leap in consciousness may be in our collective future, I’m recalibrating to invite Heart to guide more of my choices. Perhaps that’s just how the leap is being seeded. As this 11th year of weekly posts dawns, those are the seeds I’m aiming to plant and nurture.

Cindy studies the practical application of mysticism, reflects on life, writes, takes long walks with canine companion Zadie Byrd, and stewards a small property at 8000 feet in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Southern Colorado. In the midst of the changing environment of a chaotic world, each week Cindy invites the Muse to explore how to navigate these uncharted waters and how to live a life aligned with our highest values in her blog at



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